Ken Siu-Chong (A) Joe Vriens, Alvin Lee (CA) Joe Madureira
Limited Edition Foil Cover by Joe Madureira. by Ken Siu-Chong, Joe Vriens, Alvin Lee & Udon. Darkstalkers, the ongoing comic based on Capcom's classic series, continues this month with the tale of the Gerdenheim Monster: Victor. After years of failed experiments conducted in the bowels of his towering dark castle, Professor Gerdenheim was finally successful in discovering the secrets of life, death and reanimation. Fashioning a creature by integrating and enhancing body parts from countless corpses, Prof. Gerdenheim created "Victor." He was overjoyed at the sight of his newly born creation, but many villagers accused the scientist of being mad to allow such an 'abomination' to walk the Earth. In this story featuring guest artist Joe (Sentinel, Thundercats) Vriens and Alvin (Street Fighter, Agent X) Lee, Victor is mistakenly blamed for a murder and is hunted down by the very people he tries to protect. Plus, a backup story featuring the adventures of the spunky fan-favorite cat-woman herself?Felicia! 


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