Avengers Assemble Thor 25” Statue


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Avengers - Thor Avengers Assemble 25” Statue

The God of Thunder has finally joined Sideshow Collectible’s Avenger Assemble Statue Series!

Inspired by some of Marvel’s most popular superheroes in their most iconic guises, the Avengers Assemble statues capture the power, majesty and sheer awesomeness of Earth’s mightiest heroes!

Thor takes to the fray with a suitably dynamic pose, he joins Captain America and Iron Man to battle an unseen foe - hammer held aloft, ready to bring down a devastating bolt of lightning, or launch himself into the sky!

His themed character base echoes those of his fellow Avengers, allowing him to be displayed alongside his colleagues in an action-packed diorama that will make you the envy of all of your friends, as well as a stand-alone piece. 

Every inch of this classic Thor portrait has been crafted with loving detail. From the creases and folds of his meticulously sculpted garb and every wrinkle in his wire-lined fabric cape to the bulging muscles of his godlike physique and his flowing blonde locks.

Standing over 25” tall, this limited edition museum-quality statue harkens back to more nostalgic interpretations of the Avengers, paying homage to Gold and Silver Age representations of these beloved characters.

Sideshow’s Art Director, David Igo said: 

“We tasked our artistic team with ‘trying to find the classic’ in each hero. To make the most iconic and nostalgic versions of some of our favorite characters. Not just in look, but in pose, in composition, in everything. This collection is about heroes defined!”

Dimensions: 25.5” (H) x 11” (W) x 12.5” (L)

An absolute MUST for any true Marvel fan. Add him to your collection today!


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